WTB Looking to BUY OVER existing gym membership at True Fitness/Fitness First / California

Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by assiedification, 12 Nov 2015.

  1. assiedification

    assiedification New Member

    Anyone currently owns an existing gym membership and does not want to continue with it??

    Im lookin to buy over from you. Please reply with the Gym, Access to which outlets and price of the membership.

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  2. Wayne

    Wayne New Member

    Hi buddy I'm a consultant from TrueFitness, I have some promo price start from 65
  3. TKW

    TKW Member

    Have true fitness membership. Will expire in 2 years. Access to all club. Selling it. Interested msg me. Thx
  4. Maryam Mustan

    Maryam Mustan New Member

    hey there, if you're interested in buying over a true fitness membership- i'm selling! 2 years with access to all clubs- no registration or transaction fee:)
  5. Lyn555

    Lyn555 New Member

    Fitness first access to all gyms and overseas gym, monthly at $161, valid Jan - Jul 16.
  6. jasonchng1987

    jasonchng1987 Member

    monthly $160

    transfer fees i paid

    can access any outlet

    i have fitness first membership to sell

    interested called me 97959588 jinjin
  7. can get more information?
  8. Wayne

    Wayne New Member

    Hi sms/whatsapp we discuss over there?

  9. Deepali agarwal

    Deepali agarwal New Member

    I have a membership expiring in Sep 2016. Home club is Westgate

    If you are a corporate member, rate is $145/month (exclude GST)
    If you are not a corporate member, rate is $154/month (exclude GST)

    Transfer fee is $115.56, which I can pay.
    Admin fee $115 have been paid, so you don't have to pay.

    Contact me at 92729814 if interested to buy the membership
  10. Roslee

    Roslee New Member

  11. TKW

    TKW Member

    Do not buy from True fitness. Offer cheaper rate to lure but no special rate for existing clients
  12. Indah

    Indah New Member

    Hi, I have california fitness membership valid until july 2016. Offer cheaper rate. Please let me know if anybody interested. Thanks


    Hi, I have a true fitness membership which expires May 2017. Letting go at $75/month as I will be posted overseas. Slightly negotiable, contact me at 9 4 5 6 9 5 1 1
  14. jkly

    jkly New Member

    True Fitness
    - all outlets, facilities, classes access
    - $120/mth
    - 24months contract, termination allowed after 12 months at a fee of $50 + $10/remaining month.
    - NO advance/upfront payment or instalments to credit card companies. which is also why i chose this plan. the cheaper plans of ~$70 per month all require full lumpsum payments for 2-3 years. in case you're wondering why my offer is pricer.
    - my contract started 1st Oct 2015
    - 9 more months to reach 12 months (can terminate then)

    I will cover all the transfer fee fully. So you're simply taking over :)

    I really enjoy the classes and facilities at true fitness! my friends and families are under the same contract too. so I'm definitely not dumping cause it's bad but I sadly have to let go urgently by this year because i'll be posted away from Singapore in 2016 due to work!!

    text me at 98001794 for immediate respond


    hi do u still interested for the membership? im with fitness first. can access to all outlets valid Jan 2016 - Aug 2017. if u are keen can PM me thanks
  16. Roslee

    Roslee New Member

    Hi melissa, can we whatsapp? I need to ask u something. 91872035... Roslee


  18. Roslee

    Roslee New Member

    Ok will do in a short while
  19. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Hi there! Mine expires 31 Oct 2017. Access to all clubs in True Fitness and True Yoga (except Bikram) 90$ per month. We split 120$ transfer fees 50-50 :) WhatsApp me at 91286271 cuz I'm currently overseas but will be back in SG throughout Jan and Feb 2016!

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