Losing weight/shedding fat.


12 Aug 2011
Attention friends who wants to start losing weight/shedding fat.

Stop making the most common mistake that everyone is making - buying useless "fitness products" that claims to do the work for you, without you needing to move yourself.

Exercise and physical activity is still the way to go, in LIFELONG fitness, health and maintaining a nice-looking physique.

You will be grateful that this simple advice is not only clear-cut, but also without side-effects, and will save you lots of money in the future!

Here are some very simple tips that I will be sharing with you for fat reduction. It's a very simple formula... (Simply watch this video):

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llXFs0BV0T4&feature=channel_video_title]How to lose weight, how to shed fat. - YouTube[/ame]

Yours in fitness,
Coach Glen Poh
Singapore Fitness/Personal Training - Evori