Lowest priced personal training and nutrition!! Results GUARANTEED


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27 Feb 2016
Are you a busy executive who has been wanting to get on a fitness programme but am finding it a challenge to fit it in your busy lifestyle?

Are you a retiree who has been wanting to get on a suitable programme to keep fit and healthy but does not know where to start?

Or are you a novice who wants to live the lifestyle but am so confused by the endless contradicting information, you are clueless on what is right for you?

Fret not and let me do 50% of the work for YOU. Whatever your lifestyle, age and goals, I will be able to help YOU achieve them.

Results are GUARANTEED at the most competitive rates in the country with FREE nutrition consultation and plan customized to YOUR NEEDS for new sign ups.

NO more cookie cutter programmes or unnecessary 'dieting'. Enjoy the foods you want (think Char Kuay Teow, McDonald's) and achieve your fitness goals at the same time!

I am a certified fitness nutrition specialist with 8 years of fitness training experience and am a competitor in the amateur of various sports. My science based approach towards nutrition and training allows clients to achieve their goals, whatever their dietary preferences, lifestyle and goals are.

Send me a message to get started now!