McDonalds Singapore's curry sauce discontinued?


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4 Sep 2011
McDonald’s stops serving curry sauce, causes panic, grief on Twitter
By Terence Lee

Update from McD Singapore’s Facebook page:
We know many of you have come to love our signature curry sauce, and are sorry that it is temporarily unavailable. This is due to unforeseen supply issues, and we expect new stocks of curry sauce to arrive from the US by the end of next week. To all our valued customers and curry sauce lovers in Singapore, we sincerely apologise and thank you for your patience!

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

All over the island, Singaporeans are devastated to find out that McDonald’s has stopped serving curry sauce.

The news first broke on Hardwarezone at 11pm yesterday, when a forumer visited a McDonald’s outlet, only to be told by the staff that they’ve run out of the unique, sweet-tasting curry sauce that has become a favorite for Singaporeans of all generations.
According to our editor Belmont Lay, the curry sauce had already run out since early Saturday morning (Nov 12th). He found out while visiting the fast food joint to fulfill his lust for cheeseburgers.

“It felt as if the world lost a shade of brown,” he said.
What is unclear though is whether McDonald’s has decided to stop serving the sauce in Singapore forever, as what some netizens are alleging, or whether this is a temporary situation.

When I headed down to the nearest McDonald’s outlet at midnight to order my fries, I was told that the curry sauce is out of stock. My jaws dropped, and I couldn’t believe it.
When I probed further, the counter girl told me there was probably some problem with the supply side — though she may not be sure herself.

I literally bawled my heart out.

On Twitter, the topic is already trending, with the #RIPCURRYSAUCE hashtag becoming popular in the last few hours.

Pleas are already coming in for the fast food brand to bring back the sauce. Some have even threatened to boycott the restaurant.


“It’s more saddening than the death of Steve Jobs,” lamented Goh Yi Fan.

YouTube star Dee Kosh was particularly vocal, going into an outburst on Twitter about the death of the thick, orangey sauce.

“Its all about the curry curry curry curry – we all need our curry curry curry curry – New single! Jessie J -”Curry Sauce,” he sang at one point on Twitter.

“Everyone should just call and order nuggets now — then ask for curry — then when they say don’t have – just scream,” he suggested a few minutes before.

Some are even using this devastating piece of news to poke fun at the incident where an Indian family was told to stop cooking their curry because a family from China couldn’t stand the smell.

If it’s true that McDonald’s has decided to stop serving its curry sauce, then it would indeed be a tragic day for Singaporeans.

#OccupyMcDonald’s, anyone?