WTS membership for sale - Orient Fitness Gold - Penang (valid till 31 Aug 2018)

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    Gym: membership for sale - Orient Fitness Gold - Penang
    Membership valid till: 31 Aug 2018


    *******KEY INFO*******

    Gym: Orient Fitness Gold

    Location: Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive, Penang

    Type of Membership: Full Access (All Classes, Weight Area, Cardio Areas, Functional Areas, Rock Climbing Wall, etc)

    What’s Provided: 2 Towels (1 Big 1 Small) for every entry, Lockers (bring own lockpad)

    Others: Parking discount exclusively for gym members

    Other Gym Facilities: Sauna, Steam Room, Changing Room, Showers, Lounge Area, WiFi, etc

    *******ABOUT THE MONEY*******

    SELLING FOR: RM89/month (vs market price of minimum RM109/month)

    Membership period: 1 July 2017 to 31 August 2018 (13 months + 1 month)

    Balance membership: March, April, May, June, July, August 2018

    Actual Price: RM109 x 6 months = RM654

    What You'll Get From Me Instead: RM89 x 6 months = RM534


    Why am I letting go? Because I’ve moved to another location & driving all the way to Gurney Drive is rather inconvenient

    What is the advantage of getting this membership from me & not direct from Orient Fitness Gold?

    1) You SAVE MONEY - I’m selling off at RM89/month. Getting it direct from the Gym will cost you a MINIMUM of RM109/month

    2) SHORTER COMMITMENT period - No need to over-commit for 12++ months. Just get it from me, use it till August (which is about 6 months) and you can decide later whether you’d like to commit long-term.

    3) You SAVE on whatever registration or sign-on fees (if any)

    4) I will even pay the RM50 Membership Transfer Fee on your behalf.

    *******3 SIMPLE STEPS, if you are interested:*******

    1) WhatsApp me at 0124157403 (I’m Joe by the way) and if all is good, you may transfer RM534 (RM89 x 6 months) to me to secure the membership. No checks or partial payments accepted. In case you are in anyway concerned about security, rest assured that you will have my full name, account number, gym membership number and my picture too. This is a good old-fashioned membership transfer, no BS. Let’s do business shall we?

    2) After payment, we agree on a time & date to meet at the Gym.

    3) We make the transaction at the Gym. We’ll both provide the necessary details to the Gym staff for membership transfer and that’s it, the membership will be yours the following day.

    *******IMPORTANT NOTES*******

    1) Only ONE TRANSFER CONDITION set by the Gym: You must be a NEW member. If you are an existing member or have been a member before, I am unable to sell this membership to you

    2) First come first serve basis (whoever pays the full amount first will receive the membership)


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