Monitor Lizard crawls into house and injury baby


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4 Jun 2011
HEARING a scraping sound while putting up the curtains in the living room, a Malaysian housewife was stunned to see that a monitor lizard had wandered into her house in Pendang, Kedah on Tuesday. The reptile quickly moved to the adjoining bedroom and crawled up to where her two-month-old baby was sleeping, Sinar Harian reported. 'I quickly rushed to the bed to pick up my child and panicked when I saw traces of blood on the little girl's head,' said Nor Faizah Aziz, 27. Her daughter was later treated for scratches and light injuries to her head. Her family called the local Civil Defence Corps to catch the 5kg reptile. A civil defence official said it took them five minutes to trap the scaly intruder which vomited out a kitten before it was caught.