More Singaporeans hiring strippers for parties


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4 Jun 2011
It's getting more common to hire strippers for parties here.


Even parents are catching on and hiring strippers to celebrate their children's 21st birthdays. The Marketing Head of Urs Truly Escorting Agency, Ms Crystal, talked about this trend in a recent interview.

Her company is now seeing more parents hire strippers to perform for their children either at 21st birthday parties, or stag and hen parties.

Each act costs $1,000 to $1,500, and they are usually done in customers' homes, hotel rooms, and at beach resorts. One female customer explained that she hired a stripper because having a nude male dancing in a room full of women "livens up the atmosphere".

However, despite such acts getting more popular here, local strippers still tend to keep their jobs a secret from their families.

Bryan, 31, a local part-time male stripper, reveals that locals may look down on this job. Having been a stripper for eight years, he still has a day job as an admin assistant in a company at Raffles Place. He offered some insight on his job. His act lasts 20 minutes and for $300, he'll strip to his underwear. It will cost $400 and above for him to go all the way, stark naked. His customers are mostly white collar workers in their 20s, including homosexuals.

He also takes special requests like wearing police or doctor uniforms, or to make an appearance as a flower delivery boy or hotel staff.

One time, when he was performing in a hotel, the women screamed so loudly that guests from other rooms complained.

Bryan also shares that he is very professional with his act, and ensures that he does not get erections while he is performing.

He has since started his own company, "2niteok", and adds that female strippers working under him charge $350 for each act and do not go fully nude.

Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 14 November 2011.