MyRepublic launches new fiber broadband plans with plans for gamers


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4 Sep 2011
There's a new kid on Singapore's fiber-broadband block.

MyRepublic aims to take advantage of the high-speed Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) to deliver services targeted at a specific group of users--particularly gamers--with services such as a dedicated customer service hotline, priority access and no bandwidth throttling.

According to the company's Marketing Manager, Lawrence Chan, customers who sign on with its Gamer package (S$69) will enjoy a "low latency experience" with the company monitoring the connections to popular online MMORPG servers (like World of Warcraft) to ensure that its customers will enjoy a constant low ping.

Customers who do not need the gaming package can consider the basic Pure plan at S$59, while parents who want access to education materials online can sign up for the S$89 Tutor plan which has access to programs like Outreach Lesson, which is designed to supplement Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum.

The first 100,000 customers for the Pure plan can sign up contract-free, and if they choose to leave, will be able to return to the same contract-free plan at any time.

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