Need advice for a Newbie

Irfan Danial

New Member
7 Jan 2017
Hi,I'm preparing for my NAPFA Test this April,and i know that i have a chance of just passing it.So,i want to aim for gold,and in case you need some info of me,I'm 13(14 by the time NAPFA starts), and i weigh 50KG+.

I can't do sit-ups(I have to "throw" my arms forward to be able to get up), and push-ups.For shuttle-run,I need to know how to stop and touch the ground properly.

And finally,the most dreaded part of NAPFA Test,the 2.4KM Run.I need to know when to sprint,and jog.

Thanks to those who helped me =)

Travis Wong

New Member
26 Jan 2017
Hi, You can try a fitness app call PocketFitness. It's free of charge and if you use the app diligently, NAFA will not be a problem for you. Right now the app is only in android, not on IOS.

For sit-up, You will need to start off with a few easier exercise like flutter kicks or leg lift. You can google those exercises in youtube to see how it is done.
Another way is to do negative training. To do this, you adopt a sit up position. You start off from the top and slowly go back flat on the ground. So basically you are doing sit up in a reverse way. The key is to go down as slow as possible, resisting the fall. Start from 10 reps 2 sets and slowly increase more reps and set.

For shuttle run, that will need practice. The technique is the most important. even the slowest person can pass it with technique. That I cant help you as it can only be done if you teach you physically.

For 2.4km, You just have to run at a constant pace and only burn out your last bit of strength by sprinting at the last few hundred meters.

Wish you all the best for you NAFA.