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Discussion in 'West' started by stopbeinglazylol, 20 Mar 2019.

  1. stopbeinglazylol

    stopbeinglazylol New Member

    hello, I am a 20yo female student. I am trying to eat clean and I have a huge problem with overeating and snacking :< Looking for someone to get me into the habit of discipline. No artificial sugars, processed food, more protein, more fibre and more antioxidants. I also strength train on the side. I am trying to build muscle and lose fat while not sacrificing my metabolism.
    Person should ideally be okay with me sending pictures of what I eat everyday, via telegram. We don't have to meet up, but if you want to meet up and workout too its fine. I want to take this seriously and get out of a eating wreck! so if you have the same goals as me, hmu.
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  2. Jessica_

    Jessica_ New Member

    Hello, im 22 female student and have recently started to gym. Have lost some weight, from 80 to 75kg but am losing motivation. Maybe i can telegram you my gym process and you can tele me your meals? :)
  3. Thomas Yeo Kai Wen

    Thomas Yeo Kai Wen New Member

    Hi, I am a 21 male student and i share the same concern / problems with yall.

    I have been working out for quite some time but it has been bothering me a lot that I still have quite a far bit of belly fats. So I have tried doing Intermittent fasting and eating clean (no processed food, oily and fried food and no sugary food). And it is definitely not easy.. T.T

    Would enjoy it if I can find others who share the same issue so that we can help to motivate each other! PM me if u r still looking for a motivation workout buddy!
  4. kayathiriy

    kayathiriy New Member

    I will be interested to join you ... but where do you stay at ?

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