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10 Feb 2014
2018 was kind to me; I made the bold move to go into therapy based practices and added stretch therapy and massage therapy to arsenal along with trigger point therapy.

So 2019 onwards, on top of
- personal training for fat loss and muscle toning,
- kickboxing/boxing fitness,
- Online training,

I’m specialising in postural and musculoskeletal issues. Think along the lines of injury prevention, muscle tightness and soreness, and posture correction. If your ankles, knees, hips, lower back and shoulders call out to you, I might be your man to fix you.

Am I a physio? No, I am not. I work purely based on muscle tightness and weakness. How the skeletal structure is affected by muscle tension, and vice versa. • Want to know more, on how I can help you function more comfortably on a daily basis?

I’m just 10seconds of a message away.