Need your help: how to handle this case


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12 Jul 2015
In Aug 2012, I signed a contract with a fitness club and became membership, this is one year contract only. after one year in 2013 Jul, I thought my contract will be finished and then didn't to go club anymore. ( i have paid for 1 year by contract). I left the club about 2years now.

Yesterday, the club said to me that i have S$2000+ outstanding balance for my membership. i am shocked and upset. they told me that i have to make payment. i don't understand why still charge me and not terminate membership automatically after contract end, and now they want to charge 2 years membership fee! it's unreasonable, i didn't use their facility why need to pay. there is no any call or SMS or email to remind outstanding fees, and also no alerts during these 2years.

Anybody can help me and share your opinions? any suggestions?
Any government department can be seek if finally we can not align? great thanks for your help!

See siang

19 Jun 2014
Log case. If you have proof that you did not go their gym such as capture on cctv or tap their card etc, then you can challenge them into civil court, and counter sue them back. But this is civil case, be prepared that your fitness club may have their own lawyer and under normal circumstances, you will feel intimated as we are commoners. The best is, try to find some one that you know within the gym and ask them be peacemaker.

Gym is there to make money only, of course other than the members going there to keep fit