New Online Nutrition Supplement Store in Singapore

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2 Jan 2015
If you have been searching for nutrition supplement products which are pure and naturally-produced, check out the newly-launched webstore in Singapore:

The products from PurePharma, based in Denmark, are designed jointly by scientists and atheletes and they include:

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Magnesium and Zinc

Vitamin D3

Free of heavy metals, Mercury, GMO’s, etc, the PurePharma nutrition supplements are now available for order online and shipped out of Singapore.

Currently, Club51 Asia the exclusive distributor is also offering a limited-period free shipping within Singapore.

The webstore also offers information on how to select Omega 3 Fish Oil (oh yes, not all fish oil are the same!), what are the potential health benefits of these micronutrients, how they may help increase your sports performance and more……..

Visit to find out more!