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13 Sep 2015
My super super worse experience I ever had. Seriously they shouldn't even give this kind of promotion if they really want to get their SALE!
Let me tell you why I'm so mad about..
I received mailing update from TSS last week, it's NYSS promotion.

So I registered for boyfriend and myself! It's FREE leh. I mean who doesn't like FREE stuffs, don't try acting HIGH CLASS with me!
They called us last night to arrange appointment with us today. I requested for COUPLE ROOM as I want to be in the same room as boyfriend. Caller,JASMINE, told me: Only Vivo City and Tiong Bahru have couple rooms.
I told her: I will go Tiong Bahru den. Timing at 5pm possible? She said yes and blah blah blah... We hang up the calls.
Today I called her at 4pm to change appointment timing, she say ok, see us later!
(I will let you know why I need to mention the part one!)
When we were in the room with the consultant, common sense, they will start to push sale. Telling you about how bad was your skins and the pricing of the package.
I'm okay with it. But I find that the way that consultant talking to us have MAJOR PROBLEMS!
  1. The way she speak us, like talking to her friend instead of customer.
  2. She say her customer all came to do treatment because they really need help for their skins. Not for the FREE TRIAL.
  3. Because we don't want to sign package, she start to talk to us in a very rude way!
Hello!!! Your company gave FREE TRIAL so we are still customer no matter what. You should be careful with the words you used and the way you talk to us!
If you are unhappy because we came just for the FREE TRIAL, please ask your company don't start this kind of promotion!
Consultant lead us to our room but NOT couple room! Boyfriend was lead to the HIM ROOM and I was lead to the HER ROOM!
Imagine how angry I was at that time! I asked the consultant why wasn't we given a couple room as what I had requested.
She said: MISS, SORRY HOR. Our couple room was first-come-first serve bases!
WTF?! I told her, your colleague told me that I can have couple room that's why I choose to come here!
She asked: Which colleague?
I told her, JASMINE! I even called her today to rearrange the appointment timing.
I can't believe what she said after that...
If Jasmine didn't come for work today den who the hell is JASMINE?!
Which JASMINE did I speak to in the late afternoon?!
I wanted to leave the place at that moment! But was told if I leave without doing the treatment, they will charge me the treatment courses of $368! LOL!
I was cheated in the first place, I was served badly in the first place and want me to pay if I leave without doing the treatment! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
What to do? Boyfriend said: JUST DO FINISH AND LEAVE, okay? Fine lor. Since he already said that, what can I say?
After that consultant came in the room, HAHA. AGAIN she said: If that Jasmine didn't said clearly to you, that's her fault. You should vent your anger on me right?
I swear I really will hit her in her face. I said: SO what you want me do? SAY SORRY TO YOU HUH?
Where's the CUSTOMER SERVICE? I'm still a CUSTOMER even if I'm doing a FREE TRIAL!
Don't speak to me like a small kids! First I can decide whether I want to sign the package. I have the rights to say YES or NO! You can't force me!
You shouldn't raise your voice after I was asked about the couple room! It was your internal mistakes! I'm not wrong because at the very first place I was told OKAY!
If you want offer this kind of promotion, you should have expect that some people just went there for the free trial. If want every customer to sign package might as well state in the T&C:
I swear even I have the money. I will never step into NYSS AGAIN! Best Customer Service I ever had in my life!:)