Newbie Looking for Gym Buddy In Bedok

Discussion in 'East' started by Lilian Lim, 28 Feb 2019.

  1. Lilian Lim

    Lilian Lim New Member

    Haven’t stepped into the gym for several years. Looking for gym buddy to train together and probably give me some guidance. Any days after working hours is fine for me except for Tuesday.
  2. Archaeologist99

    Archaeologist99 New Member

    Hi I am also looking for a gym buddy who stays in the East. What kind of activities are u looking into? Gym or classes or sports?
  3. Lilian Lim

    Lilian Lim New Member

    Hi there,
    I am okay with any actually. I definitely need guidance on it!
  4. Archaeologist99

    Archaeologist99 New Member

    ok great. Maybe you can WhatsApp me directly at 98571650 and we can take the discussion from there. I personally do a mixture of tennis, gym, yoga, swim, table tennis, body combat and piloxing..
  5. Imakathykat

    Imakathykat Member

    May I join?

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