Promotion Nice Fitness 2020New Year Gym Membership


8 Jan 2020
[Singapore large gym, yoga studio]
Excellent environment, close to mrt, monthly payment, Free of charge, with the most complete fitness center equipment and facilities, as well as yoga classes, hot yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Korean hip-hop, aerobics, shaping classes, fat loss classes, HIIT classes, Spinning, Muay Thai, boxing, 1 to 1 personal trainer, swimming pool, etc., as well as sweat room, steam room, shower room and other facilities, interested friends are welcome to consult me, specific private chat. Free trial experience can be arranged. Then do some specific understanding. ..
Strategic location, 9 branches.
— Increase muscle mass and fat
Losing weight and getting in shape
keep healthy
Those who are interested are welcome to contact WeChat [wxuen97]/WhatApps[+6598293979] to get a free trial experience.