No more poker faces: Wear your emotions with Magic Emotion glasses


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7 Jun 2011

Love using Emoticons and smileys? Then you'll love this new conceptual pair of glasses called Magic Emotion that lets you do just that, but in real life! STOMPer nomorepokerface described in an email: "Magic Emotion is a pair of glasses designed by Yunfan Tan to enhance your visual emotions so others know exactly how you're feeling. "This is what the designer says: "'There is a new LED material called lightform that could be used on the glasses. "'The glasses have a kind of micro detector that detects your expression, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. to know your emotion. "With Magic Emotion, guys won't be confused by girls' poker faces and vice versa anymore! "Although it is only a conceptual pair right now, it's possible to make them a reality within the next 3 - 5 years. "I'll definitely love to see that pair on someone walking down the street! So fun!"

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