Now I have the body, then what?


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11 Nov 2012
I used to be a gym rat myself, but then I gave up and just chucked it all behind me. Just a regular Joe now. But I've several friends who actually made it from bones to tones and I always wondered what kept them motivated. I've gathered that they mostly did what they did to get better luck with the ladies. Well apparently it may not only be my circle of friends but most of them didn't really see the results after years of training. It's quite a pity considering that hundreds of hours of their lives spent in the gym doing the quotidian and repetitive actions all for naught. The search is still an ongoing chore and like it or not, at times life can be pretty darn depressing.

Not long ago, there was a gap to be filled and then there was some glimmer of hope. The market has deepened and participants are furiously on the search for assets that are only created in the gym. My friends turned to Male Strippers Wanted. And surprisingly, this came as a boon, not only from a remunerative angle, but also the excitement have taking it to other levels with people whom they would never have had the chance to meet (oftentimes with further rewards). Perhaps this may come as a culture shock to most, but seems like somethings have got to give. Or not?


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1 Aug 2011
for those who felt tl;dr , heres the cliff:

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15 Aug 2011
then u continue to squat and deadlift.

there is no end. there is no finishing line. you wear ur belt, walk into the power rack and continue lifting.
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