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    - Full time trainer
    - 6 years experience
    - 2018 national physique juniors 3rd
    - 2018 national physique opens 3rd
    - 2018 national physique ranking 10th
    - 2016 physique war champion
    - 2014 National bodybuilding 4th

    I specialize in bodybuilding and physique transformations.
    I will personally create a training log whereby WE can access the programs and diets to make sure you adhere to it nicely.

    The moment you sign up with me I will be your 1st point of contact.
    24/7 message or call regarding your personal training queries
    Personal log
    Programs and diet catered to you (no copy and paste BS)
    Weekly check ins on your physique making sure you're on the right track!

    Be it gaining weight or losing weight/fat/muscle! I will be here to aid you with your goals.

    Let's get started with your goals and this time really smashing it.

    Simply drop me a text @9648 5454 or email me @ to get your training and nutrition in check.

    Check me out on Instagram @Niick.Hee_
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