Online private coaching - Live via Zoom or WhatsApp, bespoke training videos, customized training/diet plans and more

Glen TBG

11 Dec 2015
For anyone who is looking for a fitness professional to coach you remotely online, I've several online coaching options available to generally suit all needs and budgets.

Live private coaching via Zoom video communications:
Live private coaching via WhatsApp video call, etc:
Bespoke training videos:
Quick and cheap consultation:
Customized diet/training plans:

>Learn how to train and program your training if you have minimal equipment or "nothing" (Now its the perfect time due to Circuit Breaker/Phase 1)
>Learn how to eat right with proper nutrition

*15 years experience in calisthenics and odd object lifting due to my unique fitness background
*10 years of professional coaching experience
*Extensive formal knowledge in nutrition
*Cost effective rates/prices and great value (Learn a lot)
*Specialize in coaching athletes and for performance but also have plenty of experience working with laypeople and individuals with general shaping up goals

Start today. Contact me via phone (Call/SMS/WhatsApp) to 98450655 or email to / Visit my website for full general up to date info: