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    ‼️Having pain , neck/back pain? Can’t squat deep ? Feel lopsided body uneven ? Need help in rehab/prehab or simply need guidance to lose weight / gain muscles ?

    ✅Look here no further , Check out before and after photos at the bottom.
    ✅Results proven training / therapy .
    Discounted Trial(training) & Consultation before you make any decision to sign up , no obligations :)

    Specialization :
    ✅Manual therapy/deep tissue
    ✅Mobility training
    ✅Weight loss
    ✅Gain muscles

    Check out my Instagram for more information at @sam.prehab

    ‼️Due to technology now a days , we adopt a rounded shoulder and forward head position , causing a lot of stress on our lower back and also neck .
    We target culprits of the pain rather than the pain itself to ensure it doesn’t come back .

    Please contact via email or text at : 92314913 or so.personaltraining@gmail.com

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