WTS P28 High Protein Spreads- get them at affordable prices in Singapore finally

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20 May 2014
Hi people,
P28 Foods high protein spreads are all the rage among the fitness community in USA. P28 is an all-natural nut butters that is fortified with whey protein isolates, giving each serve a whopping 14 g of protein. Choose from 5 great flavours including Gingerbread and Almond Butter. Starting from $17.90.

Enjoy the goodness of healthy unsaturated fats from peanut butter with the aded protein to fuel your gains and build more muscles. This product is finally mass-retailing in Singapore with unbeatable prices only at The Fitness Grocer. Visit www.thefitnessgrocer.com to order today! Free delivery for orders above $75!

Check out the awesome macros:
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