Pain in both shoulders


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22 Aug 2019
Shoulder pain is quite a common condition due to aging, overuse of muscles, trauma or a sports injury. Shoulder pain because of injuries alone account for nearly 30 percent of visits to the doctor’s office. When the shoulder pain affect our daily life from carrying groceries, participating in your favourite activities or sports and getting a good night’s sleep. It’s about time we seek medical advice from specialist.

Some of the most common shoulder conditions include:

Arthritis osteoarthritis

This condition is due to the wearing down of cartilage that allows bones to glide smoothly within the joints, and can occur with aging, trauma or overuse injury. The most common symptoms of shoulder arthritis are shoulder pain with activities, range of motions restricted, shoulder stiffness, swelling and tenderness feeling on the shoulder joint, and there will be a feeling of grinding or catching within the joint area.

Rotator cuff injuries

These include tendonitis and rotator cuff tears, and are the most common causes of shoulder pain and activity restriction. Symptoms of rotator cuff tear are pain at the top of the shoulder and arm, you will feel weak on the shoulders. Rotator cuff tear normally caused by overuse of muscles, acute trauma, and old age, over the age of 40 higher changes of such injury.


This is the inflammation of the bursa, and is most often caused by repetitive motions (overuse), or repeatedly bumping or putting pressure on the area. A bursa is a tiny fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body. When injured or inflame around the shoulder joint occurs, shoulder bursitis will present normally accompanied with pain and swelling.


Effective treatment options are available today that include the use of medications, physical and occupational therapy, and surgery when needed to help stop the pain and help the patient return to an active lifestyle.

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