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    Hola folks.

    Ive managed to open up daytime/off-peak slots during the week.
    And that too at a discounted price :)

    Ive been posting here for some time already, but if you hadnt come across my previous posts;

    10 years experience, specialising in
    - fat loss,
    - muscle toning
    - kickboxing/boxing fitness
    - stretch therapy
    - posture correction
    - massage therapy
    - trigger point/myofascia therapy

    I have a private boutique studio in town but am also open to sessions at the new activesg gym at taman jurong, or the surrounding vicinity as well(subject to availability for the latter options).

    *Starting hours each day is staggered and not uniform across the days.
    **Availability is subjected to each day's schedule.
    ***Discounts given to packages only.
    ****Rates may differ for outcall options.

    Kindly PM me for more info.

    Thank you!

    9853 0331


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