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    I am freelance ACE certified personal trainer , training location at your convenience eg; doorstep/condo gym/public gym/outdoor at your preference.

    Not sure why you cant squat ? Knee pain? Stiff back? Look here no more !

    FREE Trial & Consultation before you make any decision to sign up , no obligations :)

    I Specialise in weight loss management/gain muscles/postural training as well.

    Specific training to meet your goals including reduction in lower/upper back ache/neck due to bad working habit in this era ; siting too much etc.

    *ACE Certified
    *IASTM Practitioner

    Used to work in a commercial gym for a year and a half , working with clients from all ages from as young as 16 to as old as 80.

    I hope to work with you thanks for taking time to view this and best of luck !

    Please contact via email or text at : 92314913

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    Please pM me. I'm keen thanks!
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