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    I’m Marcus with a gym experience of 4-5 years. Having my own experience in fitness and health, I went to get myself certified to become a Personal Trainer to help potential clients to achieve their goals and provide advice, with support and motivation. Whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or just for general health, I am able and ready to help you achieve that.

    1. ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    2. CPR & AED Certified
    3. Fitness trainer for Weight control/Muscle Toning/General Health

    If you’re someone who is/has:
    * Looking to lose weight (Flabby arms, Flabby Belly)
    * Have been exercising but not able to attain your goals
    * Waiting for enlistment and need to get fit
    * New to exercise and don’t know where to start
    * Looking for someone to teach you new exercises and how to use equipments (TRX, Suspension, Barbells, Medicine Ball, Resistant Bands, Battle Ropes)
    * Looking for a trainer who can teach you how to train safely to prevent injuries
    * Interested in learning how to exercise safely on your own
    * Specific illness, injury or condition
    * Looking for general health fitness

    * General Health
    * IPPT Training
    * Strength and Endurance Training
    * Fat Loss
    * Hypertrophy Training
    * General Fitness for Adults/Teens/Seniors
    * Muscle Toning

    Training Package Includes:
    *Tailored Program
    *Proper guidance on training safely
    *Keeping track of progress (Weight Loss, Muscle Mass)
    *Advice on proper diet and supplements

    Why wait? Today is a good day to start. Start today and you’ll achieve your goals a day earlier than if you start tomorrow.

    Book for a trial session at $50
    Per session basis - $80 per session
    8 sessions - $75 per session (Basic)
    12 or more sessions + 1 free session - $70 per session (Booster)
    Recommend your friends or family to get a 10% discount!
    Couples/Friends/Group (Not more than 3) are welcomed

    Packages are offered for less payment hassle and motivation for you to not skip sessions!

    *Training can be anywhere at your convenience


    Contact: 82889702
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    Can I know where you conducting your training?

    Thank you.

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