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    If you're looking for a professional/qualified/experienced Personal Trainer for the best bang for your buck, to train you for goals such as:

    1] Improving your fitness and shape up (build muscle, lose fat, etc)
    2] Improving strength and conditioning for your sport, etc
    3] Advancing specific strength training (bodyweight and lifting strength)

    ... then I'll be the right PT for you.

    What's included in my PT:
    -Complimentary self training and diet/nutrition guidance

    How much?
    -1 session $60
    -4 sessions $220
    -8 sessions $410

    -Public gyms
    -Sports halls
    -Public running tracks
    -Fitness corners
    -Public roof gardens
    -Your residence (condo, flat, etc)
    -Wherever we can use

    Anything special with this PT (me)?
    -I can coach olympic lifts
    -I can coach powerlifts
    -I am very knowledgeable with bodyweight exercises and calisthenics (Parkour background)
    -9 years of professional coaching experience
    -Qualified and educated in sports science, nutrition, strength & conditioning, psychology, medicine.
    -Clientele from all over the globe of different nationalities, walks of life, etc, with proven track records and testimonials.
    -I specialize more in training athletes, strength & conditioning, but I also regularly work with the common PT clients who just want to shape up.

    SMS/Call me now @ 98450655 to talk about your goals, etc / to arrange.
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