Personal Training For All

5 Nov 2018
It's Nicholas here and it's my 6th year working out. I'm providing personal training for everybody. Male and Females as long as you're 16 years old and above. We can discuss your goals through whatsapp and work along side with me to achieve your goals.

A little information about me
-6 years of gym experience ( a lot of trial and errors )
-Taken courses in Sports Sciences
-Currently doing my sports and wellness which includes
1.(Exercise Prescription)
2.(Sports Injury prevention)
-Rugby player & competed in Hong Kong
-Coaching experience
-Have coached for an athlete whom have won 1st in WFF Universe 2018 Men's Beach Physique Model

Anybody who has a medical condition can feel free to contact me as well and discuss on how we could work around it.

We will make use of the ActiveSg near us.

Do take note:
I will not have any diet plan constructed for you but could ADVICE on what you should eat and what you should avoid. REMEMBER only a nutritionist/dietitian should plan your meals for you and I am not.

Contact me if you're interested to get back in shape or just keep yourself physically active.

+65 91146258