Personal training, great value - Professional trainer (End of year promotion)

Glen TBG

11 Dec 2015
Personal training - Shape up - At your location/schedule

Professional Personal Fitness Trainer goes to your location and schedule to coach and train you to:
-Shape up (Build muscle/lose fat)
-Improve mobility, athleticism and fitness
-Improve strength & conditioning

Call/SMS 98450655 to discuss/arrange, or email to .

-Cost effective rates
-Great value (Comprehensive full coaching, with complementary diet and self training plans)
-Good range of booking slots
-Trainer qualified and professional with 8+ years of experience

Full up to date info on website, visit .

10% off - Promotion from time of this post, till end of this year 2018! Simply contact Glen and quote this promo code (GKFTBG2018) to claim your discount. *Valid for 1 purchase only.