Please recommend weighted accessories for daily use


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1 Aug 2013
Hi this is my first post so apologies if this is In the wrong section or previously discussed I did search the subject but there were no results.

I'm looking for comfortable weighted accessories that I can wear all day specifically a decent weighted vest and forearm and calf weights.

I've done a lot of research on this subject and found many items unfortunately they're not available in sg and shipping costs are equal to the items price due to their weight so like buying one for the price of two.

I want a weighted vest that I can wear under my shirt so it cannot be those bulky models with many pockets in the front or huge bulge in the back I travel public transport so I don want to cause any panic if someone suspects I'm hiding something under my clothes!

Price is not an issue but my pockets are not that deep so I'm looking for best lobang I can find below 200 if possible.

I've my eye on this weighted vest but it looks more like a jacket I don think I can wear it under my clothes.

AD-10701 Weight Vest - AIBI Fitness (Consumer Range)

If there's a better model please recommend.

I couldn't find any local forearm/calf weights so any recommendations appreciated.

Some of the overseas models I liked are the Body Togs and Reebok perfect fit arm bands if there is anything like them in sg please recommend.


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1 Aug 2011
i only see people wearing these kind of vests when doing pull-ups - weighted pull-ups