Poor Experience in Tampines Fitness First


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14 Jun 2015
I had a very bad experience in Tampines Fitness First just now. I can't imagine such kind of bad sales person can exist in gym center.

Recently I want to sign up for a gym membership. At the end of last month, I check with FitnessFirst at Dhoby Ghaut for the price of the membership, they told me they had a promotion to waive the admin fee but it ends at May.

I said I need to check with other centers before I made decision, so I left the gym center that day. (That day the guy already not so friendly but at least still polite). Today, mid-june I finally have time to check with other centers again. (I asked Amore and TrueFitness, they are very polite and friendly at least). But today when I go to the Tampines branch to see if the price is the same, I go to the reception, I told the lady I want to quick check for the price (I told her I listened the introduction already, I just want to see if the price is the same as last month). She is polite and ask me to seat for the sales consultant.

The sales person (Mr. Muhammad Eunos (Ayun)), I told him I ONLY WANT TO QUICK CHECK WITH THE PRICE as I dont want to waste his time to explain what I already heard. He just told me "Our Fitness First price not change so much".

Me: "I asked your colleague end of last month, he told me there is a promotion with waiving the admin fee. But he mentioned that it is ending at last month. That's why I come to check."
Mr. Muhammand Eunos (Ayun): "It still there."
Me: "So there are still package for 12, 18 and 24 months?"
Mr. Muhammand Eunos (Ayun): "yes"

I found the promotion still valid so I going to leave.

Then Mr. Muhammand Eunos (Ayun) ask me: "Why stop you sign up last time."
Me: "I think I need to compare other gym center before I choose one, because in tampines there are alot choices: True Fitness, Amore and Real Yoga. Some of them are as cheap as less than 100 for two years contract".
Mr. Muhammand Eunos (Ayun): "So price is what you consider."
Me: "Yes, price is one of the point I consider."
Mr. Muhammand Eunos (Ayun): "If you think about price YOU SHOULDN'T COME FITNESS FIRST. We are much better than True Fitness."
Me: "Yes, I know Fitness First known for good quality, but I still can compare the price between others before I make decision."
Mr. Muhammand Eunos (Ayun): "FITNESS FIRST NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU."

I ask if I allowed to check with the price? He said yes. What for? Is that the attitude for a sales person? People cannot check the price before they sign up for one gym center?

If you not allow people to ask for the price, you should upfront stop me at the counter.
Fitness first well known for service???? Bullshit..... such kind of service? Is that deserve my money?

If you that open for your FIX PRICE, please post it in the website, so people no need to go to ask.


See siang

19 Jun 2014
If you need to link up with true fitness, I can introduce you either from amk or harbourfront.

In terms of price war, activesg remain number 1. True fitness may be attractive for you other than activesg.

See siang

19 Jun 2014
Sisterl if you have time, can pop by to Malaysia branch? Hearsay saying that signing at my is cheaper than sg.

I m not at fan for ff as my khakis are at tf le
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