Powerlifting Personal Training.

Clinton Cratus

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27 Sep 2015
Powerlifting in Singapore is getting more and more popular, many competitions have been set up to showcase how strong an individual are.

Just a little background about how powerlifting works. Athletes are able to prove how strong they are by doing the three main lifts, they are of course the SQUATS, BENCHPRESS and DEADLIFT.

All three lifts might seem very easy, but how good can you master them and lift huge numbers so as to win the game?

I'm reaching out to enthusiasts who are interested in trying the sport, or are already doing the sport.


1. New to powerlifting?

2. Already trying out the sport but hitting plateus and don't know what to do next.

3. Not sure where and how to start to embark on your strength journey?

4. Looked up on the net but can't really decide which program to use, or unsure about which technique is best for you?

5. Which training programs are the best for you?

Come have a chat with me and I can do my best to share my knowledge with you!


1. Low-bar Squats techniques

2. Powerlifting benchpress (with ARCH)

3. Conventional/ Sumo/ Semi-Sumo Deadlifts techniques

4. Training programs for all levels

5. Nutritional advise for powerlifters


1. Personal Training for Powerlifting

2. Online coaching for strength and Powerlifting

3. Full Customed Training programs for peaking into competitions or getting your numbers up.


1. Coached Amirah from Republic Polytechnic and won gold in the ladies u60kg junior category

2. Coached Calvin from Republic Polytechnic and won gold in the male u57kg sub-junior category.


Schoolyard meet 2014 u93kg champion
SPA 2014 u93kg champion
SPO 2014 u93kg junior champion
SPO 2014 u93kg opens 1st runner up
SPO 2014 Best lifter
SPO 2015 u83kg junior champion
SPO 2015 u83kg opens champion
SPA 2015 u82kg junior champion
SPA 2015 u82kg opens champion
SPA 2015 Overall champion
SPI 2015 u83kg junior champion
SPI 2015 u83kg opens champion

U83kg juniors squats 245kg
U83kg juniors deadlift 255.5kg
U83kg juniors total 653kg
U93kg juniors squats 250kg
U93kg juniors bench 150kg
U93kg juniors total 655kg
U83kg opens squats 245kg
U83kg opens bench 152.5kg
U83kg opens total 653kg
U93kg opens squats 250kg
U93kg opens total 655kg
U82kg juniors squats 252.5kg
U82kg juniors bench 157.5kg
U82kg juniors deadlift 270kg
U82kg juniors total 280kg
U82kg opens squats 252.5kg
U82kg opens deadlift 270kg
U82kg opens total 280kg
U83kg juniors squats 255kg
U83kg opens squats 255kg


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