Presso Espresso Machine - Pump your own coffee!


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7 Jun 2011


If you want a delicious dark espresso with a rich thick crema, you usually have to go to some expensive coffee shop full of grumpy baristas that pull your shot with as much ennui as they can possibly muster. Their machines are vast, complex contraptions with huge power draws, precision thermostats, computerized pressure pumps, teflon coated filters, and cost more than your average mid-sized car.

Which, of course, means that the perfect cup of home-made espresso is constantly out of reach for anybody but the richest connoisseurs with extensive counter space.

Not any more! Designers, engineers and coffee nerds pulled their resources, and realized that you didn't have to have a huge machine to pull excellent espresso. Heck, you don't even need electricity! There's plenty of joules of energy packed right there in your bicep! They took years designing and perfecting a simple machine that uses a unique one-way valve, and double-armed levers to press out up to 10 bar of pressure over finely ground and properly tamped coffee.

They call it the "Presso!" Simply fill the portafilter with your favorite espresso (freshly ground with a burr grinder, thank you), tamp it down hard, fill the reservoir with boiling hot water, and press the levers down. Out drips rich, thick, and chewy espresso - perfectly balanced, and black as your soul. No more paying five-bucks for a double espresso, no more waiting in line while some soccer-mom tries to order her double-tall mocha-whip soy half-caf no foam, and no more putting up with anemic brown-water-disguised-as-coffee. Make something full bodied and flavorful! Make something at home!

Buy it here: ThinkGeek :: Presso Espresso Machine


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4 Jun 2011
The cup looks really small siol (lookin at the guy's hand to cup ratio), hard work for coffee lol


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3 Jun 2011
Looking pretty cool, but after about 1 month of usage I think most ppl will get lazy and can't be bothered to squeeze out the coffee.