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12 Apr 2017
Hello GymKakis!


Pro Nutrition is once again opening its door to Singapore after a long lull period of time, this time under PN Asia Pte Ltd!

Many of you may not have heard of our brand name and products before, as it was mostly spread by word of mouth among the local paddling (canoeing/dragonboat) community.

The company was founded by a former international world-class kayaker, who migrated to Singapore in 2008 for his job and tried out various brands of supplements without much satisfaction. He finally decided to turn back to the old days of Pro Nutrition when he was still competitive internationally, and never looked back. Armed with the vision of sharing genuine, quality products with his friends and the local paddling community, the founder acquired the distributorship from the original brand in Romania and went ahead to set up a small business to realise his goal to help people achieve their health goals. However, his rigorous job demands made it hard for him for develop the business, and he had to shut it down without solid plans for long-term growth.

Fortunately, just before the founder had to migrate again, he found two trustworthy sportsmen who had been using the products from Pro Nutrition and strongly believed in the credibility of the brand, after witnessing the high quality of the supplements for themselves. They agreed to enter into a partnership with him and aim now to spread the name of Pro Nutrition first locally, and hopefully regionally.

All Pro Nutrition products come as they are, with key essential ingredients necessary for high performance and none of the unnecessary fillers added in. The product speaks for itself and discerning athletes who have tried Pro Nutrition products all swear by it - We do not believe in gimmicky marketing campaigns, and hence you can rest assured that we keep our product prices low for that.

Do visit and "Like" our facebook page for more updates and promo discounts, at:

Feel free to visit our online shop for more details on some of our products, at:

We regret to inform that we are currently out of stock for our products, so immediate orders would not be fulfilled in the next few days. However, to help us understand your future nutritional needs better, we are now taking pre-orders for 20% off our already promotional sale prices from now till 21st April 2017. What's more awesome for you...we will be collecting ZERO deposit for your pre-orders, in exchange for your trust and patience for our products, which will likely arrive around 8 weeks after 21st April.

Our price lists can be found on:

Pre-Orders can be taken through our Google Form on:

Feel free to contact us via the Facebook "Message" function on our FB page for any queries, or even PM us on GymKaki!
Please do not hesitate to ask us anything regarding the products, as being fellow athletes and sportsmen, we do not believe in sugar coating and pushy sales tactics just for profit purposes.
As much as we are running a business, we hope to build it into a completely honest network where our staff and customers can openly and truthfully discuss training methods and health-related goals, while we do our best to aid you in your fitness journey with all the knowledge and experiences that we have.

We also hope to have your support as we are a tiny start-up now, and would wish to grow further to bring you larger range of products with cheaper prices through economies of scale!

If you are feeling skeptical, but would still like to try our products, we strongly suggest you first try ordering our small sizes, which with our 20% pre-order pretty much dirt cheap for the sizes and quality.
Of course, if you want to take the chance and go value-for-money for large sizes (e.g. 5kg), we will not stop you. But do speak to us first, in order for us to help you ensure we can best direct you to your fitness goals! Like we mentioned earlier, we promised it will be non-obligatory nor pushy at all!

P.S. As a gauge, our trademark GFX-8 and Gigant Pro Mass, both lean mass gainers are usually our best-sellers! (And no...they are far from being the most expensive products across our range!)

Thank you very much for your time!

PN - T