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20 Jul 2011
I understand some of us here want to promote a certain goods or products that they are selling or supplying. While business is fair in all senses in a forum since contact is made between the buyer and seller without any complications from a third party, I have something important to say.

You don't attempt to use this forum to promote the sales of AAS or any other illegal substances. Selling of these products are illegal in the first place. Also, if Singapore has taught us anything, it's that you don't fuck with the law. I don't give a flying fuck if you've been selling this in other Singapore based forums - that is none of my concern and I couldn't give 2 shits about that either.

If you wish to sell these products i advise you to do it discreetly or outside of this humble forum. A new member 'golho' has just attempted to do so today and I have already deleted the thread. What will be done to his account will be discussed amongst the moderators. I expect no one to support such behaviour on the forums. We're here to educate and learn, not blur the crap out of the truth and think that everything can be solved with performance and anabolic enhancing substances that have been labelled.

Otherwise, if any of you here intend to dabble with such practices we have no rights to stop you, and ensure that you do it outside of the boundaries of this forum. I suggest anyone of you who contemplate to use such substances do a fair bit of research and consultation before attempting anything stupid.
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