Sold PURE Fitness and Yoga membership (Valid till 30 Apr 2021)


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9 Aug 2020
Gym Membership: PURE Fitness and Yoga membership

Gym Membership Valid Till: 30 Apr 2021

Fitness: Ocean Financial Centre
Yoga: Republic Plaza

^ can be transfered to outlet of choice!!!!!!!!!! But must top up difference if any. E.g. Asia Square is $20/mth more so $140 more in total.

What you pay: $1,518 in total for the membership

• $1,355 upfront to PURE ($1,141 for the remaining 7 months (works out to $163/mth) + $214* transfer fee)

• $163* of the last month (April 2020) of membership that I paid for already. this can be done through paynow / after transfer of membership is completed.

*Negotiable on the last month and transfer fee - happy to split if fast deal.
Overall it will still be cheaper than signing up for a new contract.

Have 1 suspension chance left, for max of 2 months (I used up one)
Expires 30 April 2021, which gives you 8 months of unlimited usage of gym + yoga access @ OFC and Republic Plaza.

-_- rules by PURE:

The transferee must not have any visits in the last 6 months, and cannot be a PURE Member (they will check via phone number)
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