Refund your old EZ-Link card by 24 Dec 2011


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4 Jun 2011
EZ-Link Pte Ltd announces an island-wide exercise to remind anyone still holding onto the old ez-link cards* issued by EZ-Link to have them returned at any TransitLink Ticket Office by 24 December 2011 for a refund. Cardholders are encouraged to obtain a full refund of any remaining stored value as well any refundable deposits on the old ez-link card before 24 December 2011.

What is an old ez-link card?

To differentiate between an old ez-link card and the new CEPAS ez-link card, cardholders just need to look at the back of the card. The old card carries a 9-digit card number, whereas the NEW CEPAS-enabled ez-link card carries a 16-digit card number (or “CANâ€) and bears both a square CEPAS logo as well as a green public transport logo (Please refer to the image below). Cardholders can approach any TransitLink Ticket Office for assistance if they are unsure.

To promote public awareness, from now till 24 December 2011, a series of print ads and collaterals will be published in the main newspapers and at TransitLink Ticket Offices island-wide to remind cardholders to refund their old ez-link cards before the stipulated deadline.

Where do Cardholders go and what should they bring along?

Cardholders are required to bring their old ez-link cards to any TransitLink Ticket Offices during operational hours to obtain the refund before 24th December 2011. If the card is readable, cardholders will be able to get a full refund in cash on the spot. If the card is not readable, investigations are needed to verify the remaining value from records. Cardholders will receive their deferred refunds after investigations are completed via a transfer to another CEPAS-compliant ez-link card or to a DBS/POSB bank account or via cheque.

After 24th December 2011, the refund service at TransitLink Ticket Office will be discontinued. TransitLink will no longer be able to support the refunds as the existing system to refund the old ez-link cards is being phased out.

From 5th January 2012, EZ-Link will make available over-the-counter service for refunds of the old ez-link cards at any of the 62 SingPost offices. An administrative fee of $1.00 per month will be deducted from the remaining stored value and refundable deposits of any old ez-link card that remains un-refunded from January 2012 onwards. The administrative fee is to defray the cost of maintaining a new system to support refund of the old ez-link cards after January 2012. Between 25 December 2011 and 4 January 2012, no immediate refunds can be made as the system will be undergoing a switch to facilitate refunds at SingPost outlets.

For more information visit or call the EZ-Link hotline at 6496-8300. Cardholders can also approach any TransitLink offices for assistance.