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    - Full time trainer
    - 6 years experience
    - 2018 national physique juniors 3rd
    - 2018 national physique opens 3rd
    - 2018 national physique ranking 10th
    - 2016 physique war champion
    - 2014 National bodybuilding 4th

    - Check me out on Instagram @Niick.Hee_

    Common Obstacles:
    Have no program?
    No nutrition plan?
    No idea what supplements to take?
    Tired of stagnant progressions?
    Tired of never reaching your goals?
    Not knowing what training approach to go for?
    Having Postural issues?
    Unable to hit your annual resolutions?
    Slow recovery?

    Simply drop me a message/email and let me find the solutions to the fitness obstacles that you have encountered!

    Stop Procrastinating Let's start working!

    You can check me out on Instagram too @nickeizai_!!

    Contact me now to discuss/arrange for Personal Training: SMS/Call Nick@ 96485454 or email me at . :)

    Complete comprehensive coaching and guidance for goals such as:
    -Muscle building/fat loss and fitness
    -Improving fitness and athletic performance
    -Strength and conditioning for your sport

    Specialize in:
    -Improving fitness and athletic performance
    -Strength and conditioning for your sport

    A program catered only for you (No cookie cutter programs) and nutrition plan calculated for your results to be attained as soon as possible. Let's get you to where you need to be.

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