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Wei Jie

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14 Sep 2015
Hi, we are a couple who wish to venture in the fitness industry. We are starting out this "Run and Get Paid" Program to motivate people to run.

Both of us have grown in size, horizontally with our love in food, and especially late-night suppers, ever since we stepped into working life. And even though we realised we need to work out, and exercise, we are still pretty lazy to do so and also finding diffculties in managing our time to go exercise.
hus we are looking for like-minded individuals to join us and stay motivated during the process of keeping healthy and slimming down.

We want to create a community where we can encourage each other and help one another when anyone is feeling discouraged or down, and also encouraging you via monetary rewards as well. The road to success is tough, it’s better to have someone watching your back than dropping out alone.

We really wish for some support to kickstart this program. Kindly go to and support us.


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