Safra Dragon Boat Club is Recruiting(: Join Us!

Discussion in 'Central / South' started by kascyqiu, 1 May 2019.

  1. kascyqiu

    kascyqiu New Member

    Dear all,

    SAFRA DRAGONS is doing her all year round recruitment.

    This is open to Public!
    (Yes! You do not have to be a Safra member to enjoy this)

    Over here, we have a team of committed and experienced, as well as New, Female and Male rowers training together every week for our dear team and also ever burning passion for the sport. We have a wide age range as this is a huge family, as long as you are 18 years and above(;

    If you are funloving, competitive and have an interest in learning dragonboat,
    We Safra Dragons open our arms to welcome you.

    Not to worry if you havent been exercising or do not have the equipments, as long as you have the might to join, we have the equipments to provide and the support from each and every one of us here

    For interested parties or if you have any things to clarify,
    please don’t be shy to drop me a pm:)

    To learn more about us, you can also find us at
    Facebook @ Safra Dragon Boat Club

    Hear from you all soon.

    Thank you.
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  2. Lucas Ong

    Lucas Ong Member

    Im interested.
    How can i register?
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  3. kascyqiu

    kascyqiu New Member

    Hi Lucas, can you PM me your number?
    I will get the recruitment IC to whatsapp you the details:)
  4. Lucas Ong

    Lucas Ong Member

    Pls contact me at 81825699.
    My name is lucas.
  5. kascyqiu

    kascyqiu New Member

    Thank you Lucus :)
    Over at Whatsapp, my teammate Cheryl will be getting in touch with you.
    Please do not hesitate to enquire if you have any concerns:)
    See you soon.

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