Save a tree or two, use Taiwan erasable paper


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8 Jun 2011
TAIPEI (REUTERS) - 'I2R e-Paper' is paper but not paper as we know it - not yet, anyway, say its Taiwan developers.

The product uses a thermal printer, the same kind as that used in fax machines. When the message is no longer needed, the paper can be erased with the flip of a switch - ready to be used up to 260 times.

Researchers at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, where the paper was developed, say it is the ideal replacement for the paper signs and posters that are now produced by the millions around the world.

'I think the greatest breakthrough was that traditional display devices usually require electricity to write, but our technology made it closer to how we would use normal paper,' said John Chen, Vice-President of the Institute and general director of the Display Technology Center.

Save a tree or two, use Taiwan erasable paper