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Discussion in 'Find a Fitness Instructor' started by Kane87, 26 Mar 2019.

  1. Kane87

    Kane87 New Member

    I am overweight, and looking for a trainer to help me slim down. I would prefer a male trainer, who can train in the east (either True Fitness / Activesg).

    I do have the basic knowledge for exercise techniques, and I do read up on the science of HIIT, keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc. But in spite of all regular exercise and research, I don't get results. So I guess I must be wrong somewhere.

    It would be a plus if the trainer himself has gone from fat to fit (because I feel that some ecto or mesomorph trainers don't understand the difficulties endomorphs like myself).

    Please PM me if able to help.
  2. Gab23

    Gab23 New Member

    any basic states on yourself we can know of ? eg. age height weight bodyfat percentages etc. ?

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