Selling Powerlifting Belt!


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21 Sep 2014
Hi, as the title suggest, I'm selling away my used(3 month) powerlifting belt. don't worry, 3 month means that it is actually honestly a relatively new belt.

i got it from

no complains about the belt other than the fact that i skyrocketed all my big three lifts (squat, bench and deadlift) I'm just selling it away cause i've gotten myself a new belt so instead of chucking it aside, id figure why not let somebody who needs an entry level belt can make full use of this!

anyway, the site is selling it for 48USD but i willing to let it go for 110-120SGD after the conversion and mad shipping fees. for serious buyers, contact me at 97839064 for pictures and whatnots. I'm up for negotiation but pls don't low ball me thanksssssss