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22 Nov 2019
Sustainable & Functional Body Transformation Specialist©️One of the most in-demand personal trainer in Singapore backed by authentic reviews, testimonials & real results!

Holistic Approach & Tracking to both Fitness Training Program w/ PT , Nutrition Plans, & Non-Training Days program! Everything will be tracked with reliable Apps! Real Results guaranteed with body recomposition if followed closely and faithfully!

Professional Fitness Services:
1. Fat Loss Program
2. Muscle Building Program
3. Small-Group Personal Training
4. Online Personal Training (Virtual Zoom)
5. IPPT-focused Program
6. Cardiovascular Fitness Program
7. Functional Bodyweight Movement Program
8. National Service Preparation Program
9. Mobility & Flexibility Program
10. Core Strengthening
11. Resistance Bands Training
12. Weighted Jump Rope Circuit Training
13. Treadmill Intervals Cardio Training
14. Nutrition Recommendation & Program Planning Design

1. ACE Certified Personal Trainer
2. Functional Tools Coach
3. Personal Trainer Essential Skills
4. Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management
5. Sport & Exercise Science
6. Exercise & Sport Psychology
7. Fitness Training & Programming
8. Sports Coaching
9. Valid CPR + AED certification
10. Former Singapore National Sprinter
11. Gold Standard IPPT
12. 8 years lifting experience, 5 years+ coaching experience, competitive athlete since young

1. Private Condo Gym
2. Public Stadiums (Functional Bodyweight HIIT Circuit Program w/ resistance bands & weighted jump rope) -beginner friendly!
*best guaranteed result for weight & fat loss, building muscular endurance,strength and cardiovascular fitness for a healthier heart,leaner, stronger and fitter body!*

(any other places with free open space to exercise can be discussed subject to availability)

Price range: $50 — $100
(chat to discuss on rates)

Testimonials & Reviews are available! *

+65 91160512


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