Shame is not a cure?


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1 Aug 2011


I saw this posted on someone’s Facebook page with the comment that shame is not a cure. I find this ad sad, but mostly because it’s true. It’s also hard to be a little girl when you are the tallest in the class and proportionate to your height or obese or different in any way. I don’t think this ad is shaming anyone into anything I think it’s just reality…one that some people may or may not have the heart to face.

I agree with the comments above…It is sad. But this also is reality for so many kids and adults. I don’t think anyone is trying to shame anybody by posting this, rather some people don’t like to talk about weight issues. Why is weight in general such a taboo subject? People dance around it, and THAT is why obesity is such a problem. No one wants to address it. Pretending its not a problem wont fix it. I guess Its easier to teach acceptance of ones self. Which i agree, we should love and accept ourselves no matter what. But parents need to also be teaching kids to respect your body by adopting healthy habits. This as is aimed at the PARENTS not the kids, they are the ones in control of what their kids eat at such a young age.