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15 Jun 2020
Listing Title: Singapore Best Resistance band for Home Gym Workout

Description: Introducing you to GymHero INNSTAR Resistance band it the most convenient and portable way for you to do your full body workout anywhere; Be it at home, work, outside or even when you are travelling.

Our resistance band training kit is super light and comes in a compact travel bag with everything you need. Just toss it in your bag and set up ANYWHERE. ANYTIME.

Why get it from Gymhero?

We offer a 1-year guarantee for your products (We do a 1-to-1 exchange if there is a manufacturing defect)

2) We do intensive R&D for our products before selling in the market. High QC checks are being done to make sure you get the best bands for your workout. Your safety is our top priority!

3) Don't take our words for it - We have Singapore celebrities & influencers endorsing and raving our GymHero Gym products online. You can be assured that you are getting the best quality resistance band in Singapore.

4) We don't just sell our products, we have a full instruction on our website to guide you on how to use our bands effectively - https://www.gymhero.sg/resistance-bands-exercises/

5) Our partnership with FITLUC.com allows you to have an Online Training Personal Training Trial with Certified Trainer at a 40% OFF.

-GymHero INNSTAR Resistance band kit-

What’s in the kit:

– 4 x Resistance bands

– 2 x Handles

– 2 x Ankle Straps

– 2 x Door Anchors

– FREE compact travel pouch

Our INNSTAR Resistance Band has a different variation of weights that can help achieve THE BEST home gym workout!

As compared to other cheap quality Resistance Bands, Our INNSTAR Resistance band Training Kit is definitely a quality product made with stringent quality controls. You will be impressed and satisfied with the equipment!

A little something special for our Heroes, if you’d like to personalize this as a gift for your loved ones or to make your resistance bands special, we also offer personalization on the handles and the travel pouch.

Purchase your very own GymHero INNSTAR Resistance band on our website!
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