Something for you to think about


1 Jun 2011
All the focus on nutrition is warranted, admittedly. However, what I would like to draw to your attention is something that hasn't been brought to light. Skinny guys out there who'd tried to buff up by training and eating a lot know what I'm talking about. Some think it's in the genes(yes, partially), some think it's about eating the right food, some think it's about training effectively. All these are integral and crucial but there is another thing that people neglect. That is the ability of their body to absorb nutrients. Many factors come together but I'm now talking about this per se.Western doctors are not exactly acquianted with knowledge in this respect, however.

Those who do, will encourage you consume strong multi-vitamin supplements like Ensure. That is because the body naturally "buffs up" with high amounts of vitamin and minerals(not the usual vitamins but the full-spectrum multivitamins that cover the gamut of your vitamin needs), for those who have bodies that are deficient in their ability to absorb enough nutrients from everyday food. Ensure may be for those who are clinically underweight, but it also helps you to gain weight if taken regularly below the recommended dosage. Other products would be health drinks high in phytonutrients and the like. There are many factors involved, as explained by Chinese and Western physicians alike. I know all these things because I know of people who go to polyclinics because of their pathological inability to gain weight. This way to buff up involves feeding e body with plentiful nutrients. The other way is to increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients by treating the stomach(in chinese medical terms). This can only be done by long-term medication using chinese medicine. It's not bullshit, trust me, but it does require consistency as with everything else.

I can explain more but well I think I've typed enough hahaha.