Sports Bag Preorder Interest Check


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19 Jun 2013
Hellos! I've just arrived in Singapore this June for business work.
As a cyclist I ride to work, and I need a new bag to carry my business clothes and laptop around here in Singapore. I searched around and decided on this Henty bag, shipping online directly from Australia. (Not sure if you guys have heard about it locally yet?)

A simple video about Henty:
Basically, this Henty Wingman bag seems to be portable and stores belongings nicely; packing in sports shoes, a laptop, suits, business shirts, change, and a towel without problem, while keeping clothes non-crumpled.
I wondered if I could get a discount; so I contacted the guys at Henty via email last week.
After a quick exchange, the guys were very kind to offer me a bulk discount; up to over 20% off. Basically the more bags ordered from them together, the lower the cost of each individual bag.
I found this place and am posting here to see if there's anyone who would be interested to order this bag with me as well, would be great!

In terms of payment/collection, I am open to different forms of payment including COD and bank transfer, but Paypal would be the preferred secure option.
Anyone who's interested, please send me a message, thanks!