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    Discover your full potential and build the self - confidence that YOU DESERVE.⁣

    TEAM POWER CORE FITNEZZ will guide you to achieve the DREAM Body that you have always wanted.⁣

    We will share with you ALL the TIPS and SECRETS to get you there.⁣

    Committed, Experienced, Result Proven. We are a team of Personal Trainer that will guide you thru your fitness journey.⁣

    Certification / Credentials.⁣

    -NCSF Certified ( National Council of Strength and Fitness )⁣
    - CPR / AED certified⁣
    - Diploma in Nursing⁣

    Reasons for taking up training with us...⁣

    - Energy - No wasting time waiting for machines.⁣

    - Benefit - Its effective and works.⁣

    - Affordable - Currently the price that Im offering now is the best deal you can get.⁣

    - Experience - Have train clients with different background and needs and most of them are HAPPY and SATISFIED with the results that they are getting.⁣

    - Fun - NEW excercises are being taught on every session to the specific muscle groups.⁣

    -Charges for session will be as follows⁣

    $50 for a 60min sessions.⁣

    Minimum number of training session per week is 2 times per week.⁣

    Training is now currently conducted at Woodlands Active Sg ONLY⁣

    My clients comes from all walks of life from pilot to accountant to domestic worker. I believe fitness is for everyone and it should be affordable for everyone.⁣

    I believe my training works because most of my clients is happy with the result that they are getting.⁣

    I believe that taking up my training will be the solution towards your problem and its highly recommended because its affordable.⁣

    Do whatsapp me NOW @ 9148 0394 for a FREE 60 min trial session with me to experience my training method.⁣

    No obligations if you do not wish to sign up :)
    Slots are limited... ⁣

    Hurry up and book your FREE trial session NOW!!!⁣
    WHATSAPP ME FIR @ 91480394⁣


    Stop procastinating and take the ACTION NOW and get the body that you have always desired.⁣

    Do join me and my team of trainers to achieved the desired body that YOU are looking for :)

    Do check out my FB page @ to check out some of the reviews from my clients and some training videos too.⁣

    Follow me on my instagram @powercore_fitnezz to see some of my clients progress and weekly updates.⁣

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    ⚠ FREE 1 TO 1 GYM TRIAL ⚠️

    Hi Everyone Im giving away a free trial session this coming Saturday ( 23/3/19 ) from 9am to 12pm.
    It will be held at Woodlands active Sg

    If you do have any friends or relatives that is keen to train pls do ask them to come down.

    It will be a 1 to 1 session and 1 hr per session.

    Currently now all slots timings are available. Do update me alright.

    Training will be done by my future trainers.


    Msg us @ 9148 0394 if you are keen and the timing which you are available.

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