Expired Swensen’s 1 for 1 Promotion


Senior Member
7 Jun 2011
Swensen’s 1 for 1 Promotion for weekday lunch hour is back again for the month of October.


If you are planning to take advantage of this 1 for 1 promotion … here are 3 few tips that will help you enjoy the experience more:

Go early … it’s always a long queue during lunch … so go as early as you can, preferably at 11AM when the promotion starts.

Go in pairs … it’s a 1 for 1 promotion … so if you have an odd number group … grab another colleague/friend along … if you have no other choice, grab your boss and say it’s a treat.

Don’t order the cheapest items … order items whose pricing are close together … in that way, you maximise the 1 for 1 promotion since the food item of a lower value will be free.